Handheld and Mobile 2-Way Radios

Rugged 2-Way Radios

2-way radios provide reliable and clear communications for any vehicle, any rider, any racer, any class, any machine. When it comes to radios, your options from Rugged Radios are endless. You can opt for 5-watt handheld radios that are available in VHF, UHF, or both! You may even want to consider a waterproof handheld for rough racing environments. Most handheld radios have tons of additional accessories to help you get the most of your communication needs with crew, track operations, or teammates. Long range antennas boost the signal performance, XL batteries extend battery life, radio specific coil cords allow connectivity to headsets, and so much more.


In the mobile radio environment, Rugged Radios offers a range of options to fit your needs and budget. Choose from 25-Watt, 50-Watt, and 110-Watt radios in UHF or VHF. With power comes range, so a 25-watt radio can deliver roughly 12-15 miles of signal strength while a 50-watt can deliver up to 25 miles. Terrain and environmental conditions can impact the performance, but by far —  these are the most reliable and professional way to go for racer communications. The 50-Watt mobile radio is a popular favorite for top race teams, offroading, Ultra-4, UTV's, trophy trucks, and more. Fit right in with the same technology and power the pro's use!


Features vary between models, but most radios operate in the frequency range of VHF 134-174 MHZ and/or UHF 450-470 MHZ. In addition, alpha tag displays help identify channels by assigned preprogrammed names rather than frequencies, making it easier to locate your channel. From dirt bikes, to UTV's, to trophy trucks, sand buggies, and more — we are the leader in 2-way radio communications. Rugged Radios can help you in a single seat environment, passengers, base camp, crew, and more.


Whether you're looking for a simple handheld or the power of a mobile radio, Rugged Radios has plenty of options for you. For a complete lineup, be sure to visit our mobile radios or handheld radio section for a complete breakdown of options, specs, and features.


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RH-5R Dual Band 5-Watt Handheld 2-Way Radio
RH-5R Rugged Radios 5-Watt Dual Band (VHF/UHF) Handheld Radio

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Rugged Radios | 25-Watt 2-Way VHF/UHF Mobile Radio
Dual Band RM-25R 25 Watt Radio with NMO Mount Base/Chase Kit

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Rugged Radios | 50-Watt 2-Way VHF Mobile Radio
VHF Vertex VX2200 With NMO Mount Base/Chase Radio

The perfect base camp or chase radio! With 50 watts of power, you will be able to reach your vehicle from a long distance. This kit combines just...


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